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We provide a variety of small animal services including, but not limited to:

  • Canine and Feline Wellness exams:
    • We recommend a yearly checkup as a preventative measure to catch disease before it becomes a problem and to establish normal baseline values for your animal (Ex: temperature, heart rate, and body weight). 
  • Examination and treatment of sick animals:
    • We are ready and able to aid in returning your pet back to good health if they have any illness or injury and need assistance.  
    • Every examination includes basic evaluation of the heart, lungs, mouth, eyes, ears, lymph nodes, and abdominal palpation.  Additional procedures can be performed if the clinician deems it necessary.
  • Surgical Procedures:
    • Routine spay and neuter surgeries, including the gastropexy procedure in large breed dogs.
    • Mass/tumor removal.
    • Wound repair and management.
    • Eyelid tacking and cherry eye pockets
  • Digital Radiography:
    • Allows the clinician to evaluate internal organs, bones, and muscles for injury or sickness. 
    • Digital x-rays allow for fast turnaround time, less waiting and more accurate results.  
  • Ultrasound evaluation:
    • This is an effective tool for evaluation of abdominal organs and looking for abnormal fluid where it's not supposed to be. 
    • Reproductive evaluation of pregnancy can be performed to assess whether there are live fetuses present. 
  • Blood work:
    • Complete blood count and Comprehensive profile
    • Thyroid levels
  • Glaucoma Screening
  • Blood Pressure monitoring
  • Full Service Pharmacy:
    • We keep a variety of common-use medicines stocked in our clinic pharmacy and can special order as needed on a case by case basis.  
  • Boarding:
    • We offer extended-stay boarding services if you need to leave your animal for vacation or work. 
    • During the stay, your pet will receive exceptional care by a compassionate team who provide food, water, three daily walks and a complimentary bath.
      • We do recommend that owners provide their own food to avoid GI upset during their stay, but will feed them our diet as needed.